About Us & FAQs

About Us

Welcome to Maiden Lane Wine & Spirits. We are a bar and bottle shop in downtown Windsor, Ontario. Although relatively new on the scene, the people behind Maiden Lane are not. Mark Dutka, a 3rd generation bartender, and Sarah Dewar, a 20 year veteran of the wine industry opened the doors in June of 2019. Our offerings reflect everything we personally want to drink - expertly mixed cocktails, unique wines, craft beers, and ciders, all paired with simple but quality snacks, a stellar playlist, and chill vibes.


As of November 2021, we will be accepting a very limited number of reservations between the hours of 5pm (6pm on Saturday) and 8pm. The majority of our seating will remain available for walk-ins. Bar seating will always be first come, first served. Please email reservations@maidenlanewindsor.com to request a reservation.

Why shop with us?

We work with several importers to bring in products that are not available at the LCBO. We favor small producers and wines that speak of a place. We love introducing people to a native grape they’ve never heard of or a wine from a region they’ve never tried. Our interests lie in organic, biodynamic, and low-intervention. These are wines made with minimal processing in the cellar, minimal to no additives, and grapes farmed without chemicals.  These are the wines we personally love to drink and are the foundation of our offerings. If you care about the food you eat, how it’s grown, and where it comes from, then these wines are for you.

We also have a pretty great collection of beer and cider from Ontario craft breweries and cideries and are actively expanding these offerings.

Unfortunately, we can't compete with LCBO pricing (we're working on it though) but our retail prices range between 25% to 45% off our regular dine in prices with the majority falling between 35-40% off.

Can I find your wines at the LCBO?

Although the majority of our wines are not available at the LCBO, some are. When we do bring in something from the LCBO, they are limited in availability or hard to find. If you want to be sure you are purchasing a non-LCBO product, please ask.

How will my experience differ from shopping at the LCBO?

We are not the LCBO, so your shopping experience will be different, in a good way! However, here are a few things we thought you should know.

1. All takeout orders must be accompanied by food as per AGCO requirements. We have small snacks to satisfy this requirement, including Lays chips for $1.
2. HST is not included.
3. All sales are final with some exceptions. Please see our Return Policy for full details.

What are your pickup and delivery options?

For more information, please see our Pickup and Delivery Options page.

What are 'Natural' wines?

Low-intervention or ‘natural’ wines do not have a formal definition, but they are typically made from organic grapes with minimal processing in the cellar and small amounts of sulfur (preservative) if any at all. Nothing added, and nothing taken away.

Natural wines can be electric, eclectic, and delicious, and we highly recommend you give one a try. If you want to play it safe, we can help you do that too!

Most of our wines would be considered low-intervention, organic, bio-dynamic, and/or vegan. Some are not. We are working on making this information readily available to our shoppers. In the meantime, please ask.

Is Maiden Lane available for rental and special events?

Yes! We are always willing to discuss your event ideas. Please contact hello@maidenlanewindsor.com and we can talk.