Bellwoods Vines: Big Red (2020 Harvest)

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ABV: 9%
IBUs: 0
Vol: 500ml bottle
Style: Oak Aged Wild Ale Refermented on Merlot, Cabernet Franc, & Cabernet Sauvignon
Region: Toronto, Ontario

Tasting Notes: Big Red is the latest iteration of the Bellwoods 'Vines' line- a series of oak aged wild ales blended, aged, or refermented on wine grapes. This installment celebrates Merlot, Cab Franc, and Cab Sauv grapes. Fantastically vinous and well balanced, this beer-wine hybrid is beautifully blended and perfectly accentuated through aging on oak. The palate is dry, tannic, and musky- paired with notes commonly found in Lambic style ales- funky and lightly tart.

Expect a wine-forward palate. Big Red is perfect for those who love wild or spontaneous beers, and organic, low intervention wines.